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5 Bad Attitudes Nigerians Need To Stop

If Nigerians want to have a peaceful society, below are a few of the things they have to stop doing.

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1. Tagging anyone that criticises them a hater.

This is common with celebrities. Once you criticise them with sincere intentions, instead of stomaching the bitter truth, they lash at you by calling you a hater and a jealous person. Their fans make matters worse by calling you a jobless lowlife and a poor fool. They make it seem like once you are rich you are immune to criticism.

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2. Fighting neighbors for cautioning their children.

We all can attest to how decayed our society has become today. Girls now see no offence in dressing indecently and flaunting their boobs on social media like prostitutes.The young boys are now cult gang lords and fraudsters. This is all because the community no longer have a say in child upbringing like it use to in the past. 80% of the people who complain about the decay in the society are the same people who will get angry and throw fist when they hear that their neighbor smacked their child for doing something wrong while they were away. Yet, they want a sane society.

3. Forgetfulness

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We Nigerians make ourselves appear stupid when we ignore the past. This is something our corrupt politicians have been taking advantage of for years. That’s why well known looters are seen contesting and winning elections today.

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4. Celebrating the unproductive things

I think I’ve lost count of the numerous Beauty pageant events we have in Nigeria today. Beauty is now highly celebrated over brains, which is why a beauty pageant winner gets a cheque worth millions of Naira, several contracts and a flashy car, while a very brilliant university student with good innovation gets no sponsor nor recognition. I wonder why our telecommunication giants prefer to endorse a musician with over a N100million just for his shoddy lyrics, while an Aba smart kid can’t get someone to sponsor him to Japan to perfect his car building skills. The musician ends up squandering the money on babymamas, gold chains and alcohol with no investment, while the Aba boy gives up on his dream. Yet, we wonder why the economy is bad.

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5. Stop praying against enemies

Many claim to be Christians but do the opposite of what the Bible teaches which is “Love your enemies”. In today’s churches, you can hear their members praying loudly for their enemies to die by fire by force. Their enemy might even be in the same church or another praying for his own enemies to die too. If God should decide to answer such prayers, I don’t think anyone will be left on earth. You can only pray against spiritual enemies cos we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places Ephesians 6:2.

Feel free to add your own opinion in the comment section below.

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