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All You Should know About Blogging in Nigeria

Welcome to, our dream is to help many Nigerians achieve their search online. Today, am going to explain everything about blogging, and also, in our next article, it shall be how to make money online doing blogging in Nigeria. Are you looking for how to create and grow your blog/website, for your small business or you need a personal owned website? Maybe you don’t know where to beginning? Sorry for asking you this, I know that might have been your intention before clicking this post! If so let’s ride on. Before i start, if you are doing something while reading this also, my dear blogging is for you, because obviously you are so passionate to search and read, you can at same time be passionate to write for people to read.

Why it is important to own a blog? We are in a digital world, in the sense that if you have an offline business or a brand, but you neglect your online presence probably you are doing yourself more harm than good. Most internet go online to search, like, follow their favorite Brands so as to receive updates about them. You can also generate additional income from your blog, promote your business and give it that visibility it require to grow. So with this, you can see that it’s really necessary to create a blog for either your business or yourself.

Note: you can create a page via social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, but today I focus on how to create your primary blog site  and how to grow your blog as well if you already started one. The good news is that it is free, except you want to get a custom domain name, then that’s when you will have to put your hand deep into your pocket, but the hosting and other supports are absolutely free. I know you are excited, but hold on a little bit. As you are about to go into the blogosphere, there are some few tips you must know to achieve a successful blogging career, Let’s consider them one after the other.

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Some Tips You Must Know Before Starting A Blog

1. Set  Your Goal or Aim; to succeed in any business or career, you must have your objectives, make them your priorities and work towards them to achieve success.

2. Passion & Love; why does this two words come together? As a new kid into the blogging arena, the key factors to achieving your goals is to have passion for the game of blogging. Why? Blogging might not turn
out the way you expected but with the love and passion you have for it, you can achieve your aims at last.

3. Always be Ready to Invest wisely; to succeed, you must put in your time, effort and money to get what you want. And the good news is that there is no money you invest in blogging that can be lost if that is done wisely. Back in 2015, I spent $100 monthly on Facebook ads and got $1200 plus monthly returns.

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG

4. Always ask for Pro-advice; this doesn’t require much explanation and I hope you get what i mean by pro-advice.

5. Blogging require Patience and Persistence; it might take whole lot of one to two years to start seeing a penny from blogging. So You need to ask yourself the following questions.

Some Questions You Need Ask Yourself Before Starting Blog

  • What is your blog’s primary  niche?
  • What is your blog’s purpose?
  • How will you make money  from your blog? (Advertising, Marketing, Products)
  • How many competitors are in  your market?
  • What will make your site stand out from the crowd?
  • How will you generate traffic for your site?
  • How much money do you expect your site to generate?

Don’t let anyone fool you, there is no shortcut in blogging. You need to follow one step at a time, have patience and do blogging the right way. Now let us go straight to the main point that brought us here.


  • A Computer (Desktop or Laptop) or a good Tablet phone
  • Google Chrome browser or Firefox
  •  A Gmail Account


1. Choose A Good Domain Name That suit Your Niche:  The first step in the website creation process is to select a great domain name. Domain names are very cheap and can be purchased for $9.99 or less due to the kind you need. You can buy a cheap domain and Hosting here  Selecting a name may sound easy, but you may find that it takes hours to find a name that you like and one that is available. It is important to put plenty of time into the thought process for your domain name because you cannot change it later.

2. Settle On A Good Hosting Company: There are tons of hosting companies out there with a lot of good ones in the market place and a lot of bad ones as well. It is best to check the ranking and reviews up front so that you can start out with a good one from the start. Blogspot platform offer free hosting, so if you want to host your blog with them, there is no need for going for a hosting plan. Trust me when I say you do not want to get saddled with a poor hosting company. A bad web hosting company can cost you traffic, visitors, and money. I started my site with Wapka hosting and it was a nightmare from day one.

3. Select Your Blogging Platform For new website owners: one of the easiest and simplest ways to create a site is to use WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging platform that makes it very easy to create a site and upload content. It is the number one blogging platform for self hosted bloggers. Blogspot and Tumblr also offer free templates and blogging platforms, but none of them are as effective as WordPress for bloggers trying to make a profit. Uploading WordPress on a new site is incredibly simple and can often be done in one step.WordPress is great because website owners can select from hundreds of thousands of free themes that are available to get their blogs started

5. Start Creating Fresh Contents: The most important thing that you can do once your new site is up and running is start cranking out content. The first few posts that you write are important for setting the overall direction and tone of your site. You want to write these posts yourself and take time to make them really relevant. These posts are referred to as pillar posts because this is timely content that will bring in traffic month after month. These posts should answer some question or provide some insight that people are seeking. I stocked my site with a lot of actionable content in the beginning. “How To” & “What Are” Posts are my favorites because these posts are relevant for years and they provide useful information that my readers can benefit from.

An added bonus is that these posts typically do well in Google as well. I never write for the purpose of ranking high in Google, but I do optimize my content once it is written so that it will rank higher. The recent Panda update has shown me how important writing unique content is to a website’s success.


As you can see, starting a blog is a relatively simple process that can be done for a very low price. You could have a quality site up and running in a few minutes and for under $20. In the next post, How much
did you pay to start your website? Did you start with WordPress, a good hosting company, and lots of content?

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