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How To Start Fruit Juice Production Business In Nigeria

Fruit juice production business in Nigeria is a profitable business. Which you can start with a particular fruit juice eg 🙁 Mango,Orange, Pawpaw) I advise you start with a different fruit that is not yet in the Nigeria fruit juice production industry with this idea you will grow quick customer.The fruit juice production business is an investment that will yield returns within a short period of the ban on importation of foreign made fruit juice into Nigeria by federal Government this has created an opportunity and further doubled the profit potential for any small scale fruit juice production business in Nigeria.

Market Potential – Fruit Juice Production 

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With fast-growing Nigerian population brings with it a continuing demand for soft drinks (fruit juice), coupled with hot climate in this part of the world drives the need forready-to-drink beverages (fruit juice) amongst busy and on-the-go consumers. and Unavailability and sale of natural fruits, thus leading to the desire for convenient fruit juice Including school children they can’t do without juice on a daily basis the leading name in this industry like Chi Nigeria limited and likes of others are making a huge profit from this lucrative business in Nigeria. Names like Coca-Cola and others has discovered this opportunity earlier and are doing well with their product drink. Quality fruit juice is far more desirable and far more valuable than carbonated or energy drink and yield more profit on investment.

Fruit Juice Production Business Compliance

To start a fruit juice production business in Nigeria, you will need to obtain different registrations and licenses from Govt. authorities. These are as follows.

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  1. CAC: Business name registration and brand name.
  2. 2. NAFDAC: Approval of your product(Fruit juice) is very important, it will enable your product to go commercial, been a consumable product you must have the NAFDAC  registered number on your product for it to be acceptable in the market that will be after you have successfully setup your fruit juice production plant, produce few bottles and take it to them for analysis and approval.

2. SON:  To encourage production of excellent quality products and healthy competition through consistent compliance to relevant standards; is responsible for ensuring that locally manufactured products in Nigeria give the required degree of satisfaction to consumers through compliance with Government policies on standardization and conformity assessment.
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Machinery & Raw Materials For Fruit Juice Production

Fruit juice is a refreshment produced using the extraction or squeezing out of the regular fluid contained in products of the soil, major raw materials are different types of fruits. Apart from fruits, you must procure sugar, preservatives, food colors etc.water, sugars (mainly: glucose – fructose – sucrose), acids, essences, vitamins, proteins, minerals, pigments and pectic substances Below are the machines needed for fruit juice production.

  1. Intake equipment and bins
  2. Inspection, washing, and sizing equipment
  3. Rasper
  4. Juice extractor
  5. Finisher
  6. Pasteurizer
  7. Filling and sealing machine
  8. Cooling machine
  9. Labeler
  10. Centrifuge
  11. Vessels
  12. Boiler
  13. Conveying unit
  14. Laboratory Equipment

Fruit Juice Production And Packing Process

The production process varies for different types of fruit juice processing. Here, we have mentioned a common production process flow chart for your ready reference.Packaging plays an important role in the fruit juice production industry, as tetra pack is most popular among the consumer. Along with the bottle pack. When using pet bottles for packing, you must arrange your labels in an attractive design with proper product information. likewise when packing in a tetra pack this will help your finish product commercially.

1. Fruit Selection & Preparation

Fresh, sound and the suitable variety of fruits are collected and sorted. They are first washed by rotary brushes to remove soil and dirt from the grove and stems and leaves need to be removed from the fruit.

2. Juice Extraction

The selected fruits must be crushed to a pulp before pressing, the result of this being what is known as the pumice. Pulping is often followed by the addition of enzymes, which dissolve the cell walls of the fruit and thus increase the amount of juice extracted.

3. Straining & Filtration

To clarify the juice, which is still cloudy, the juice is first centrifuged – during which process the larger particles such as broken fruit tissue, seed and skin, and various gums, peptic substances etc. settle to the bottom – and then filtered.

4. Cooling

Quick cooling is important. Or else, the product will have a burnt taste and the color of the syrup will become dark brown. Therefore, you make the syrup cool quickly.
Below are some pictures of machines needed for fruit juice production.

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