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How To Start Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business In Nigeria

Tissue paper  is a soft paper product(toilet paper) used to maintain personal hygiene after human defecation and other purposes .However the tissue paper  business in Nigeria  has long been neglected or seen as low profit sector, but with the  ban on importation of certain categories of tissue and hygiene (such as toilet paper) toilet papers and some sanitary items  has seen the paper industry increasing rapidly. With small scale producers using the opportunity to improve their product offerings and extend their brands to  a wider reach .


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Toilet paper is produced in different  variety of patterns, decorations, and textures and may be moistened or perfumed. The average measures of a modern roll of toilet paper is 10 cm (3 15/16 in.) wide, 12 cm (4 23/32 in.) and weighs about 227 grams .

Facial  Tissue: this  comes in different pack  and sizes for comfort use mainly in cars home office, it also comes in handy  pack size in place of handkerchief.

Wrapping  Tissue : is a tissue paper used for wrapping items. is usually found in single sheets or sheet collections,  it’s generally used for wrapping fragile items.

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Paper Towel:  a type of tissue paper mostly used in our kitchens, hospital, Paper towels are the second most used for tissue paper in the consumer sector , This type of paper towels are normally in two-ply.

Toilet Paper : is used primarily for cleaning  after defecation and by human females for  the perinea area after urination and other bodily fluid releases. It also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during these processes.
Above all tissue paper can be manufactured for industrial use in the packing industry.  for wrapping ,packing various items, fragile products,  shoes/bags stuffing  etc. It can be customize for party, wedding celebration used or print with the manufacturers brand name or  logo to enhance the product.
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Potential   Market  For Tissue Paper

As population growth and urbanization continue alongside the growth of a middle-income population, people become hygiene conscious, the market base will keep on increasing. Moreover, as it is a recyclable and biodegradable product, it adds to the environment advantage too. The tissue paper industry high growth potential has propelled its migration from small scale Industry to a fully grown industry sector in Nigeria.  It also has a strong export potential  if produced in good quality .
Before starting a tissue paper  business, any prospective  entrepreneur must  acquire every practical skill required to  understand and have knowledge  of machines and process for making the tissue paper product.

 Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process
The tissue paper manufacturing process includes following steps:

Pulp and Dye: This is first in the process of making soft tissue paper. First of all,  you need to create paper pulp. You can produce this from recycled materials. You need to mix fiber with the wood pulp then you have to bleach it and wash it. Then you need to place the fiber in a mixing tank where the manufacturer adds components like dye. Tissue paper used for household purposes is normally dyed white. If you want you can mix with an assortment of dye colors.

Pressing: Then, you have to go for pressing to squeeze out moisture. The main intention to press tissue is to make it dry and easy for it to enter next step of the process.

Creeping: Here pulp is processed through dryer heated by steam. This dryer helps in putting pulp process through creping. Roller dries up the pulp with extreme heat as fine blades scrape the tissue to desired thickness.

Cutting and Reeling: This is the final stage in the process. Here, cut the long lengthy paper into desired sizes. They cut the tissue to different sizes which are used for different purposes.
Machines For Manufacturing Tissue Paper Rolls

  1.  Core making machine
  2.  Core gluing machine
  3.  Rewinding Machine
  4.  Embossing Unite
  5.  Perforating Unite
  6.  Jumbo Reel winding Machine

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