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Is Google Blogger Shutting Down?

Am sure you must have come up with this question because you read some topic online about why Google Blogger ain’t yours and that it might be shutdown soon. No, that’s not gonna happen!

Google also gain from blogger service and make changes to improve it.

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Someone once mentioned that it’s been a very long time that Google made some improvements on the blogger platform, That’s not true.
All You Should know About Blogging in Nigeria

In 2017, Blogger introduces New, Free, Stylish & Responsive Themes in addition to the existing ones. in the year 2017, they worked on “HTTPS” for custom domain on the platform.

Blogger is not going to shut down. Blogger was started to give a place for freedom of speech. Blogger is not Google’s primary domain. From Blogger, Google is earning money via Adsense.

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In 2017, Google has listed out new themes and later provided SSL for custom domains. It’s a great improvement in the Blogger platform. There are only two topmost blogging platforms. One is WordPress (TLD) and another is Blogger. No platform can beat Blogger’s free service.

Blogger is SEO optimized and hosting is free. There are many third party beautiful themes available for blogger. All you need to do is create High-Quality content and promote it.

The advantages that blogger provides can easily be compensated if you decide on a pro account in wordpress com or a self-hosted set-up of wordpress org.

However, the difference lies on your knowledge and how far do you want to get with blogging. Remember there are other blog alternatives, even facebook pages can (and will) compete with the alternative blogging platforms

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