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Reasons Why You Need To Stop Typing Amen On Facebook

Do you know that your typing of AMEN and YES to facebook posts shows how gullible you are and without a sense of judgment? I don’t blame you that much cos these posts have huge tactics of luring you to do such. The below write-up shows why you need to stop responding to such posts and the tactics used in luring you into typing a comment.

1. They take advantage of your religiousness

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They certainly know that majority of humans on earth believe in one god or another. Majority believe in a christian God or the islamic one, so they put up posts asking you to prove your love for him by typing something in respect to the question. An example lies in the image below cropped from facebook where the post asks to know the amount of people who love God.

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Look at the amount of likes and comments it got. Such post won’t stop getting likes and comments even if it surpasses 100,000 comments and likes. Could that be a sample of the amount of people who love God? I can bet you that majority of those who typed YES to the post don’t obey the ten commandments and the teachings of christ which every lover of God should. Such people are quick to type YES while they live their lives hating their neighbours and committing all sorts of sins that depict them as a enemy of God. So, typing YES is not what matters but loving God in actually deeds, cos he doesn’t use facebook for him to care about your comment. He wants to see you show love to the needy and the less priviledged.

mathew 25:40 “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’

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2. They toy with your mentality or bully you

These guys do come up with different tactics to decieve their gullible audience. One of the latest is to toy with your mentality or bully you into doing what they want you to do.

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The post above tries to exploit one’s sensitive part by reminding you that you were born of a woman so you should be more concerned about the post. I know many will fall for such scam, but to ensure they reap the desired amount of comments and likes, they bully you by saying you don’t have a heart if you ignore the post without commenting. The case above shows a woman with a swollen belly. The creator of the post could have gotten the picture from the internet and posted it with the caption just to say he started something that went viral on the internet. No one cares to ask if the said woman has been cured, dead or still living with the ailment, they just rush to type AMEN. God doesn’t use facebook, so a simple and silent prayer for such a person, if real, is what is needed as it can be heard by Him.

3. They play on your emotions

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In the post above, our attention is drawn to the fact that the dead body of the girl looks sorrowful. I know you feel bad about her predicament, I feel thesame way too. But what I can’t understand is how one facebook like equals to 100prayers. What am I praying for? For her to rest in peace? This shows how far away from the bible many christians are. What does the bible say regarding the dead?

eclesiastes9:5 For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten.

The dead are conscious of nothing. If at all I have any prayer to render as regards such a situation, it will be for her family to have the strenght to bear the loss. Such a prayer will have to be said silently and to God instead of typing AMEN on social media that God doesn’t regard.

4. They take advantage of your desires

Nigerians are very gullible. Majority of them go to church not because they want to hear the word of God that will make them holy and stay away from sin, but because they want blessings. I trust our pastorpreneurs, they have capitalized on the desires of these greedy people who don’t know that christianity is not about what you can gain but what you can lose for the love of God. Christ left his glory in heaven to live among sinful mankind and even died for them. It’s so sad that today’s christians don’t want to lose any thing but amass wealth. Since christianity implies christ-like, can they be called christians as they don’t sacrifice like christ?

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The post above requested for people to shout and type AMEN and many did it. Why? They love good things. They go to church on sundays and sing “in my father’s house in heaven, there are many mansions there”, yet they want mansions and too much of the good things of life here on earth. How can such people lead a holy life?

5. They make you show gullibility

If you’ve been in the business of typing AMEN or YES to such posts on Facebook or any other social media forum, then I’ll advice you to stop it cos it makes you gullible and shows how quick you are to fall for a scam without giving it thorough thinking. Or how do you explain one like equating to 100 prayers? Which god answers such prayer? Does he use facebook?


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