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Remarkable Facts About Ika People in Delta state

The Ika language is spoken by Ika people of Delta and Edo states of southern Nigeria. The Ika people are specifically located in the North-West of Delta State but some like Igbanke, Inyelen and Ekpon are presently located in Edo State. Ika communities mostly comprise the following: Agbor, Owa, Umunede, Mbiri, Abavo, Orogodo, Otolokpo, Igbodo, Ute-Okpu, Ute-Ugbeje, Idumuesah, Akumazi, Ekpon (Edo State), Igbanke (Edo State), Inyelen Edo State).

Other Ika communities found in Edo State are Owanikeke, Owa-Riuzo Idu,, Otobaye and Igbogili. The Ika language has both elements of Edo and Igbo (with more Igbo influence). This is what makes the language unique. On Delta Radio there is now news in Ika. Ikas have commenced writing the Bible in their language, and right now the gospels of Mark, Luke, Matthew and John have been published in Ika along with other books. Jim Ovia and Ifeanyi Okowa are prominent sons of Ika background.

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There are other Ika speaking communities who are presently in Edo state, namely; Igbanke, Ekpon, Owa and Otobaye

The Ika people are found in Ika South and Ika North East Local Government Areas of Delta State and the Igbanke area of Edo State in Nigeria. The Ika people speak Ika language which is a dialect of Igbo language, some part of Ikas in Agbor speaks Oza.
They share borders linguistically in the west with the Edo speakers, in the north with the Ishan speakers, in the East with the Enuani speakers and in the south with the Ukwale speakers.
Bellow are some facts you should know about ika

1. Governor A. I. Okowa of Delta is Ika.
2. Mr Jim ovia founder of Zenith bank is Ika.
3.Major general L. Irabor head of westAfrican multinational force is Ika.
4. Steve omojafor, the advertising guru is Ika.
5. Godwin Emefiele ,central Bank Governor is Ika.
6.Nduka Obaigbena publisher of This day News papers is Ika.
7. Nduka irabor the famous Journalist jailed by the military in 1984 is Ika.
8. In 1970,.General Gowon declared the end of the civil war in Agbor.
9. Agbor monarchy as represented by the Dein is one of the most respected kingship in Nigeria.
10. Obi of owa is also one of the most respected monarch in Delta and is also one of the few kings to have authored three books.
11.One of the famous resistance to British rule was in Ika, known as the British -owa war of 1906.
12. Orikeze of Agbor Egbarin west was a millionaire in the 1970s
13.The royal Niger company had it’s trading post in umunede in the 1890s
14. Late Oba of Benin, Erediauwa visited Owa kingdom twice, in 1980s and 90s
15. Capt Anuku was the first Nigerian naval officer to be trained abroad.
16. Late Fortune Ebie was the first Nigerian Director of housing.
17. Iwerebon was the first African to head a multinational publishing firm (longman)
18. Ika is an Area where two languages are spoken Ika and oza.
19. Ika produced one of the first female senators in 1960s in Mrs Kerry
20. Obika Gbenoba the Obi of Agbor and Edward Anuku were the first two Ika ministers in western region.
21. The first Ika general is Ephraim usiade (director of Army finance)
22.first Ika Deputy Governor is Ebonka
23.first Ika, Acting Governor is Sam Obu.
24.The longest serving Ika commissioner was Okowa
25. One of the biggest farm settlement in south south is in Mbiri and it’s about 8,000 acres

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26. Ika is an oil bearing community as oil has been found in many Ika towns such as Abavo, Agbor etc. And an oil flow station is under construction in owa-Alidinma
27. Ika nation has a commercial axis called Bojiboji metropolis.
28. Ika has two local govts in Delta with eleven kingdoms and rulers and Ika people are also present in three local govt in edo
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28.ika has the largest railway village in south south and is also an inland port designate (owa-oyibu)
29. Okungbowa was the first Ika medical doctor
30. .Bar Ohen was the first Ika lawyer. the 16th century Agbor kingdom was exporting and importing from Holland
32. The Ancient owa-ofien people played a game of catching wild elephant with bare hands but it was stopped by the British in 1920,when 200 person’s were injured
33. Gift Osayande is form Ika, the first ika blogger to gain international recognition
34. Agbor in Ika is the oldest city in Delta state
35. The world youngest crowned king is from Ika, the Dein of Agbor


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