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Things To Check To Uphold Nigeria’s Anti-gay Law

Now that same sex marriage has been fully legalised in the US, the proponents of this agenda will most definitely push it to other countries till it becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Homosexualism is currently against the law in Nigeria with its people happy about the move. But certain factors are very much in place to help change the orientation of the people in the country towards an acceptance of the idea of gayism. These are the factors that the government of Nigeria must scrutinize carefully to uphold its anti-gay law. Below is a list of a few of them.6 Types Of Neighbours In Nigeria

1. Movies

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Foreign movies are one of the channels that promote the idea of same sex relationship. Movies like game of thrones, spartacus, tudors, empire etc have a huge following in Nigeria. Too much of these movies can change the way their audience view gayism cos the act gets painted in a good light by these movies making it appear as if it’s straight people that need to understand the lifestyle to see it as normal. There need to be a clamp down on these movies if the country is really serious about its anti-gay law. It’s just so sad that the one of the channels through which these movies get into the country is an illegal one i.e through piracy which must be checked.
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2. Schools

Another setting the government should keep an eye on in a struggle to uphold the law against homosexuality is the educational one. The idea of boys only or girls only schools should be watched carefully especially when they re boarding schools. These are places where such practices mostly get instilled in the young ones. A boy who watched the movie spartacus before going to his boarding school could be lured into having gay sex since there are no females in his school and also cos the movie makes him believe there is nothing wrong with such act as an alternative.

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3. Fashion

The clothes we wear say a lot about who we are. These days, it is difficult differentiating between a lady and a guy cos some girls put on male attire and call themselves tomboy. Some lesbians now use that as a cover while also identifying to other lesbians. If a man could be arrested in Nigeria for putting on female clothing, why shouldn’t same be meted out to females dressed like boys? I wonder why a guy would find it fashionable to put on earings and even braid his air. Call it civilisation, but thesame civilisation is what has made homosexualism acceptable in america. What makes you think gays won’t find a guy on earings or with braided hair attractive and lure him into the act?

4. Poverty

Majority of those that are caught with hard drugs at the airport are poor people. Everyone wants to escape from poverty with many willing to do anything to achieve that even if it will cost them their life. How willing do you think a man will be if offered a million box just to have gay sex? He’ll most like do it so long it will be in private with no risk of getting hanged as in the case of drug trafficking. Provision of good paying jobs should be done by the government so as to keep youths away from vices. What do you think a person that has never been employed since he graduated 5yrs ago will do when a ceo offers him a juicy position only if he offers his butt juicily to him?

5. Corruption

These should be heavily looked into cos it’s one of the reasons why a nation becomes vulnerable to anything when it seeks for external help. Currently, president buhari is touring several african and western nations seeking for help and funds to battle boko haram, all of which he’s getting. If not for corruption, nigeria won’t have been reduced to such level. What if one of these nations requests for something in return which is definitely the case? What if that something has to do with the legalisation of same sex marriage in Nigeria?

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