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Why it is important for Nigerian students to learn a skill while in school- Gift Ogo

Gift Orobosa Osayande, also known as, Gift Ogo, the administrator of He is from Delta State. He counsels students, particularly those in Nigeria to learn skills before leaving tertiary institution.
According to him,” it is easy to get carried away while in the university because of unstoppable activities going on concurrently at that time . Educational activities will take major part of your time. When you add more extra activities, you will see yourself struggling to find time for yourself. One other problem with Nigeria university students is that they fail to think ahead until when they graduate and start facing the reality of unemployment in Nigeria. I have seen many people with high hope of getting job immediately after graduation but later spend countless number of years at home after graduation without job. It is hard to predict if you will get a job after graduation in Nigeria except you have a family business with a space available for you to occupy whenever you are done with your university studies.
In other not to fall into this category, it is important to use the little time you have while in university to go out there and learn a skill in any area you have passion. Be sure to learn a skill that can sustain you for a long time while you are still looking for a job within your area of speciality.
Apart from the fear of being unemployed after graduation, if you happen to get a job your skill will also bring in supplementary income in addition to your salary. There are many people that have exploited the skill they learned in the past and used it to create a big business and employ other people to work for them. A good example is Jim Ovia who founded Zenith Bank. Let us advise our Nigerian children in school to learn skills because it will really help them in future and it will help to eradicate crime in Nigeria. Last week, I was robbed at the garrage market in Boji-Boji metropolis by some thugs, which prompted me to write this article.
I call on all Nigerian business men and politicians to help their fellow Nigerians, help the youths by empowering them. I believe this will eradicate crime in Nigeria because when someone is contented with his/her resources he will not go out to steal from others.
I recommend some of these skills to Nigerian students: Basic Computer knowledge/Office package, Web Design,Programming,Graphics Design,3D Graphics,Dress Making,Shoe making,Hair plaiting,Hair Dressing,Mobile Device Repair,Modelling,Content Writing / Curator and Business Management. These skills will help to a large extent produce self employed graduates in Nigeria.
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