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4 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Attend Church Weekly

why you should attend church

It’s very surprising to see a lot of Christians both locally and international debate the idea of church attendance. The debate on why you should attend church isn’t a new thing.

From the early years of Christianity, the early leaders rose up to the challenge to say “We should never give up gathering together, just like some people do have such habits, but we should encourage and help one another.” (Hebrews 10:25)

There is a biblical pattern laid down for the church and some of them can be found in the Holy book  of the bible. (Please See 1 Corinthians 16:2; Acts 20:7; Acts 2:42; Collossians 4:15; Romans 16:5; Psalms 92:13)

Taking church attendance seriously can practically change your life.

Below, we are going to explain the reasons why you should attend church weekly.


 1. Meet and Enjoy a Community Of Believers

We all love to build connection and fellowship with others, and God has made this free gift possible by the privilege we have to gather together in his name. It can be in a church, at each others homes or in smaller groups.

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There is something unique about this community of believers that makes us feel fulfilled in the inside and long for more. Watching a Christian television, listening to podcast and reading books are great additions to our growth spiritually, but the truth remains that nothing can replace Fellowship in a christian community via the local church.

2. It’s Very Powerful When We Worship Jesus Together

One profound incredible truth is that Jesus Christ Resides within us by His Spirit When we trust and believe Him.

When you read the book of Mathew 18:20, Jesus said that, ” Where ever two or three persons are gathered in His name, that he is among them.” This biblical truth about gathering together is something very powerful. In his name miracles happen and people get saved from demonic oppression and those who are in bondage are made free by the name of Jesus.

3. Together We Grow And Achieve More Than Being Alone.

When believers gather together regularly, it becomes a renewing and refining process as we pray for each other, help and encourage one another to  serve and follow Jesus Christ. It’s indeed a beautiful experience.

4. God Told Us To Do So.

In Hebrews 10:25, God tells us never to give up gathering together. The Church is the Bride of Jesus Christ. So any one who says he or she loves Jesus, must also fall in love with the things that he loves. The church is very important to God and if it is so, it must be important to us.

God’s intention is not to gather us together to rain burdens on us, but his desire is to bless and prosper us. Attending church can bring great blessings to you and your family.


Don’t allow excuses to be a detour to your blessing and the call of God upon your life, rather depend on God’s strength and empowerment every day. You can enjoy sweet fellowship and a beautiful experience in his presence.


If you have been wounded in the past from church members or church leaders, don’t be discouraged, God is releasing grace and healing to you. You can make it as you desire to love his church, his people and follow Christ.

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