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5 Tips On How To Help Your Child Cultivate A Learning Habit

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Most parents consider that their kid’s future learning is partly dependent on their academic journey right from elementary school, through primary and high school, and all the way to tertiary education.

It is probably for this reason that you can’t help but get invested in your kids’ academic journey. But how deep should you be invested in your child’s learning in order to help them do well?

How To Help Your Child Cultivate A Learning Habit

Many parents are too invested that they try to control their kid’s academic life, including the friends they hang out with at school, the classes they attend, and everything that pertains to academics. Others work their socks off trying to motivate their kids to study and even confiscate their phones, TV, and all household electronics so that the kid can concentrate on learning. Truth is, this kind of involvement does not necessarily help your child with their grades.

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From our perspective, understanding your kid’s academic abilities and helping them chart their own academic path is the best approach if you wish to help them improve their scores. You must stop calling the shots and become the child’s first teacher and most important friend so that you can then try to positively influence their feelings about going to school.

The good thing is that you possess intrinsic attributes that easily qualify you as a teacher and a friend to your kid, regardless of how educated or wealthy you could be. Here are 5 tips on how to cultivate these attributes and successfully motivate your child to do better in primary school.

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  1. Develop positive relationships with the kid

When you have a positive and respectful relationship with your kid, you are able to understand their problems better and help them accordingly. Instead of punishing, manipulating, threatening, or even lecturing the kid, it is better to maintain open lines of communication with them if you intend to motivate them to do better at school. It is important to understand that your ambitions as a person aren’t necessarily intertwined with your kids, so you have no business getting anxious or being frustrated with the kid if they aren’t performing as you would want. Also, note that the kid isn’t stupid or lazy- they are just going through a rough patch in their academic journey. Commit to helping them improve and not to drag them along. Remember that they are people with feelings and they can react to you or become defiant when pushed too far.

  1. Help the kid to do revisions and practices

Chances are that your kid is registering poor grades due to lack of practice and/or revision. Encourage your kid to review their class notes, try solving math problems, and to read as widely as possible. It is through practice that you will identify the kid’s weaknesses so that you can jointly work on them. In case you aren’t confident with your comprehension levels in a given subject, at least help the kid to organize his schedule and create time for revision. Be there at all times to monitor the progress and encourage the kid as they study. Provide all the necessary materials that will make it easy, fun, and comfortable for the kid to revise and do their take-away assignments.

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