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9 Amazing Benefits of Fish Farming In Nigeria

Amazing benefits of Fish Farming business In Nigeria

The business of fish farming in Nigeria is no doubt a very lucrative, considering the lots of amazing benefits attached to it; Nigerians should give much attention on the business.
It is surely a step forward in the improvement of agricultural business industry of Nigeria.

There have been series of questions on the importance of fish and fish farming. All these questions will be answered.

The invention of ponds has enormously helped in the harnessing the lots of benefits one can get from fish apart from those ages of catching and consumption of fishes. One outstanding benefits of fish farming business in countries like, to Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Gambia, Tanzania, Chad and other countries who engage in them is the fact that it provides us with ready meat.

But in general, the aquaculture and economic benefits goes beyond that and cannot be overlooked. Fish is seen to be a great gift of nature to mankind, ranging from the provision of food, to the source of revenue and more.

What are those benefits of Fish Farming in Nigeria?

There are so many benefits attached to this business of fish farming which will be discussed below.

  1. Source of food

With the increase in the population of human beings, means of feeding people is one of the most important challenges faced globally. People need to eat even in times economic recessions. And there is need for provision of a healthy diet, rich in protein to make sure that growing population does not fall victim of sickness and disease. Fish and other aquatic organisms can fit into this model for healthy source of food (protein). The best way to achieve this is to directly or indirectly engage in aquaculture.
So there is great need for the government and related agencies to fund loans to encourage people to engage in this long-overlooked business for the interest of the nation at large.

  1. Serves as a source of income

High rate of Poverty in Nigeria can be attributed to unemployment opportunities in the country while we sit on lots of opportunities yet to be harnessed. Most individuals now make their income and revenue for themselves and their families as well as create employment opportunities for others through this business of fish farming. Don’t be left behind, the door is open for all.

  1. Serves as the choice of the customer

Fish is seen to be more affordable than most meat and that may explain it is being rushed by people more than the meat. Boarding schools and houses adopt fishes as a compulsory part of their diets thereby increasing its popularity.

4. Used as Poultry feed
the unused parts of fishes like scales, bones, innards and dried fish powder helps in Egg and meat production of poultry as these portions are highly nutritious feed ingredients of poultry farming.

  1. Unrestricted environment

Fish farming is seen to be from any environmental pollution or hazard unlike others like poultry, piggery which contributes to pollution of environment. One can set up fish pond anywhere without being a nuisance to his or her neighbors. That gives you an edge over other people dealing on other agricultural business like poultry and piggery, even other industries which can be restricted from being in some areas.

  1. Ready and available on demand

One can hasten the growth of his/her fish by feeding them with the right diet. This will make them ready and available on demand for consumers and marketers. That means, you won’t be lacking sales and incomes.

  1. It encourages mutual agriculture

Another amazing benefits of Fish Farming business In Nigeria is that supports mutual agricultural establishment, whereby one use proceeds from your other products to care for the fishes. This generally makes things easier for the farmer and reduces the cost of running the farm.

  1. Easy to maintain

The feeding of the fishes is less expensive. Also maintenance of the facilities involved is easy.

  1. Demand supply of choice

There are opportunities of breeding different species of fishes; therefore one can gain access to his/her favorite species of fish easily on demand rather than going to streams or rivers to get it.



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