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A Guide To Some Of The Top Best Courses In Nigeria

courses in nigeria

In a developing country like Nigeria, the course you study in the university matters a lot because some courses still lack value in the country. So for a student who does not want to make any mistake of studying a course in the university and regret after all the time wasted. The question most student’s ask: What is the valuable course to study in Nigeria? Now we have created a list of courses trending and awesome to study in Nigeria.

List Of Trending Courses In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, there are observation about the value of the courses studied at the university. Some courses are not valued because the career opportunities for them in Nigeria are not found or very low.

Please note, that there is no particular course listed to be more unique to others but every course has it unique way for you to be satisfied with.


Economics is one of the top social science course in Nigeria. You can work in any establishment with a degree in Economics. As a economist you’ll be involved in researching and analyzing economic issues and trends. The economic value of Nigeria is getting worse and in need of professional economist to bring it to a level of reputable standard. Economists are highly valued in financial planning, risk analysis and consultancy on focus of keeping financial requirement of clients and business organizations.

 2. Law

Law  is the top best art course in Nigeria. The honor of being a lawyer gives a prestige in the society. Lawyers are respected and seen as the law makers. Law  is a competitive career whereby some lawyers want to be above others.

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There are still abundant job opportunities for law graduates. After completing your studies in the university, you can either work as an advocate in the law court or with some corporate firms.

 3. Nursing

Nursing is a top course studied in Nigeria. Nurses are highly demanded all over the world. Today’s nurses can help you more with your healthcare. There different types of nursing career which are valued in Nigeria.

4. Agriculture Science

Agriculture Science is open to many career opportunities in the department of agriculture. We have the soil, animal scientist and others which are need in the Agricultural sector of Nigeria. You can also be self employed with this course.

5. Accounting and Finance

Accounting is a best course to study in Nigeria. Accountants are needed in all professional field in Nigeria. It is a career that offer job opportunity in any place or organization such as banks, hospitals, schools, hostels supermarket and any other business venture.

 6. Computer and Information Technology

Studying Computer and Information Technology in school is a course or program one should be proud of. Information Technology is one of the fastest growing sector in Nigeria and everywhere in the world today. There are many professional career prospects with this course. This is one of the highest top courses studied in Nigeria universities.

7. Chemical and Petroleum

This is a profitable science course to study in Nigeria, although is boring but graduates who studied this course are demanded and wanted in companies like NNPC, TOTAL and others.


We have come to the conclusion of the top best and trending course to study in Nigeria. As children continue to grow into the world of technology, we should be able to give them a proper direction on courses which they will profit and be satisfied with after. Many graduates studies some courses which are not valuable in the country.

Please feel free to share with me what you think on this topic.

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