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A Man Of Many Paths (The Multi channel Income)


It is true that we are limited in acquiring the basic necessities of life because of our meager monthly income or salaries. Have you ever wanted to get an item or material that you so much needed or desired only to be stopped by nothing other than your weightless purse or empty credit card?.

The only factor that limits some individuals from acquiring their desires is their income and this in most cases differentiates kings from men. Our income sometimes says a lot about us. It determines what we wear, eat, drive and probably where we enter.

Only a wise and visionary thinker can be a man of dreams and means and only a man of dreams and means will plan, not only plan for his need but also the needs of his offspring. Mind you, he would not only have their needs met but also secure a future for them.

So, if our thoughts are aligned with these, then a single stream income may not be enough to achieve this and I think it is not too bad if we center our thoughts on the importance of multiple incomes.

A lot of wealthy individuals today earn money by different means and this is not referring to illegal means but legal means of earning. Most times we let ourselves be deceived mentally that every successful person is into a dubious business or got to that point illegally.

We need to debunk that idea and believe in the possibility of earning sufficiently to take care of your needs through a legal means. A quick one for you.

How many sources of income do you have?

You will agree with me that our economy is becoming more complex and it seems to be the survival of the fittest. The economy has become so poor that even the civil workers hope to be paid for labor. The wealthy is increased in wealth while the poor is impoverished the more. Thus, if we must survive in the midst of these complexities, we must choose to tread powerful and buoyant paths of income.

It is a well known fact that the 21st century has gifts us the luxury of civilization and technology knowledge.  But with these blessings lies the complexity in our mode of existence in general including economically. For us then to not only strive but become successful economically in the face of stiff complexity it is therefore not questionable when it comes to streaming incomes from every possible loop.

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Some of us might be engrossed, saying ‘I am but a salary earner and it is difficult to do something else considering the limited time we have daily’. Yes, it is. But really, it does not matter what you do so long as it is positive. Just always look for other sources of income rather than depending on one.

The nature of your work does not stops you from being a business tycoon and you can run two concurrently. In this modern society, the world has gone global and one can make sales or order for your goods and services from anywhere in the world with a single touch.

The internet makes this possible. Research shows that only few people in the world has ever used 10% of the capacities of their talents. Hence, there are business ideas that one can develop to earn him additional income promoting financial stability. So tap into that well spring of resources and create your business.


The world is and has always been for the taking. Be a man of many paths. Be a smart and radical investor. Do not be afraid to pump money into a worthwhile business idea. The implications of having only one stream of income are numerous and its pain is sometimes endless. So, what’s your next financial plan? It’s time to earn more.

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