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Agriculture In Nigeria: Are We Progressing or Retrogressing

agriculture in nigeria

The Agricultural Sector of the Nation (Nigeria) today is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country today as new technical innovations and ideas are being introduced daily to improve and drive forward the sector’s improvement.

Although in the past, the country has been famous for the exportation of cash crops like cocoa, groundnut, rubber and the likes; but they are now known as one of the world’s largest producers of poultry.

One of the major branches of agriculture in Nigeria that is really moving forward today is the branch concerning Aquaculture and Bird Brooding otherwise known Poultry farming.

The area of Aquaculture is really progressing and improving daily as new ideas , innovations, and farmers that will enable massive growth of the sector are being introduced into the system of aqua-cultural farming, besides that the federal government should be able and capable to provide funds and investment that will boost the Agricultural system.


The Area of poultry farming requires staged, balanced and determined personnel that are very willing to venture and also exploit the system of farming.

Although many people think and believe that the area of bird farming requires a huge investment capital before an individual can venture into the business, but with the right and adequate enlightenment given to them they could and would fully realize that one can also start small.


A new farmer who is just beginning or starting the business could begin with just a starting amount of 150-200 birds, that is to start small, and it wouldn’t take too much for the feeding, and after all this at the end of 8-12 weeks the farmer could begin marketing and selling them .

Although he/she would find out that the amount of birds for sale in the market now is really competitive.


As the human population continues to increase, finding sources of feeding human beings is a major challenge faced around and all over the globe, and a healthy diet that is rich in protein contents is required to make certain that the vastly growing population does not give in to sicknesses and diseases.

Fish and other aquatic organisms matches the sculpt for vigorous sources of protein.

The role of fish farming (Aquaculture) in making sure a constant supply of aquatic varieties for human utilization cannot be overemphasized. Medical research into the health profits of consistently consuming fish is bountiful.

One famous buzz word within the healthy eating faction is Omega-3 fatty acids, which are normally found in most fishes. Numerous research studies point out that these fatty acids help decrease many forms of cancer and enhance healthy brain tissue.


As of the year 2010 crop farming provided jobs for over 30% of the country’s population, thereby making it one of the highest job providing sectors In the country.


The country Nigeria is one of the largest producers of the cocoa cash crop, which is mainly reserved for exportation to other countries.

Cocoa is presently the foremost non-oil foreign exchange earner in Nigeria.

In the year 1969, Nigeria produced 145,000 tons of cocoa beans for export, but they have the potential of producing more than 300,000 tons yearly, making them the highest producers of Cocoa in Africa.

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Oil Palm

The palm production commerce constitute a major sector of the Nigerian financial system, producing food and raw materials for the Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Rubbers and the Bio-energy producing industries.

In Nigeria the organization that has priceless information concerning oil palm production is the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research. The official directive of the institute is to conduct research into the production and products of oil palm and other palms of profitable importance and migrate its inquiry findings to farmers.

On that note we Nigerians implore and beseech the federal government to invest more funds and more attention towards the agricultural sector of the country as it is posing a very huge investor towards the growth of the country.

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