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The Capital Looters In Nigeria And Their Looted Funds.

capital looters in nigeria

[ The Capital Looters We Have In Nigeria ] Today we live in a country whereby individuals/politicians see politics as a harvesting field of money as the most sectors which we have in the Nigerian industries fetch the country a butt-load of cash work, of which most of it goes into the pockets of most of the Nigerian politicians.

Most Nigerian sectors like the Petroleum sector and the produce more money than most western countries in the world today, and have been responsible for the apprehension of some individuals who claim to be ministers, commissioners, governors, Ex-governors, Judges and more.

These said persons mostly claim that they invest these funds, taxes and revenues in the establishment, improvement and development of the nation, unknown to us Nigerians that these funds, taxes, revenues and the likes are being thrown into their private life, purchases of luxurious cars, expensive houses, landed properties, visa expenses and other things that they deem fit of spending the money on.

Let’s Exray The Capital Looters We Have In Nigeria.


sani abacha

The Sani Abacha leadership government emerged as the first to record unparalleled monetary achievements:  he oversaw amplification in the country’s foreign exchange reserves from $494 million in 1993 to $9.6 billion by the hub (middle) of the year 1997, abridged the peripheral arrears of Nigeria from $36 billion in 1993 to $27 billion by 1997. He is largely revered for achieving this, in comparison no other administration before or after the inception of the Nigerian Republic had been able to achieve this.



Former minister of petroleum Resources in Nigeria “DIEZANI ALLISON MADUEKE” was allegedly accused by the EFCC to have looted over $91 billion worth of resources. The Ex-minister swore that she would enhance the petroleum industry in such a way that all Nigerians old and young, masculine and Feminine, Home and Abroad would all enjoy and benefit from the proceeds of the industry, unknown to the public that she was secretly transferring funds from the ministry into her purse. Recently the ex-minister bought jewelry worth the sum of $40 million of which the EFCC confirmed that the items were beyond Diezani’s “acknowledged and verifiable legal earnings”.



Babangida has been burglarizing money since the inception of the civil war, and is always very diplomatic about where the loot is been situated. It has been almost impossible for anyone to come up with a total of Babangida’s money; no doubt, he has never come up on the Forbes rich list. Nonetheless, as of the year 1999, Babangida had $24.67 billion in Western banks alone.

In accordance to the Financial Times, in a classified report submitted to President Olusegun Obasanjo by the World Bank, the breakdown of the funds traced is as follows:

London: £6.25 billion
Switzerland: $7.41 billion
USA: $2.00 billion
Germany: Dm 9.00 billion

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Analysts believe the volume of Babangida’s funds is securely stashed away in foreign accounts in Europe and the Middle East, where no hands can handle them in case he is called upon unpredictably to give an account of his stewardship. a great deal of his assets is held in proxy, and his funds undeniably broaden beyond Europe. Predictably, we approximate his assets to be well above $35 billion globally.


I specifically gave attention to the following names listed above because they were just a part of the major looters we have recorded in the Nigerian history.

The aim of many ambitioned politicians is to come into various Nigerian sectors just to wipe out the available funds in them with the mindset that it would not reflect on the nation’s growth, but I prove them wrong and also commend the efforts made by the numerous corruption fighting agencies we have in the country.


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