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Child Marriage in Nigeria. An Abomination That Must End

child marriage in Nigeria

Child marriage in Nigeria is becoming a serious societal problem as a lot of young girls are falling victim to this abomination day by day.

A recent study has been carried out by UNICEF, and it’s believed that Nigeria as a nation has been ranked the 3rd highest number of child marriages (brides) in the world and 11th globally.

Over 55% of young girls in Nigeria are given out for marriage before they get to 18 and it’s believed that over 19% are wedded even before the get to 15.

Child marriage in Nigeria is more practiced in the Northern part of Nigeria, and this type of marriage is mostly common among the poor people, the ethnic hausa group and poor households living in this part of the country.

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There are many reasons behind Child marriage in Nigeria some of which include:

  • Gender Inequality: The believe that the female gender are very inferior to the male in a superstitious believe which has resulted into gender inequality and low self esteem among the female folks. And due to this believe, many young ladies now believe that they only belong to the kitchen and the other room.
  • Political Ambition: Many of the child marriage in Nigeria today is as a result of some selfish political desire. some marry to enhance their families relationship with the rich folks or build a strong business alliance through this marriage.
  • Poor or no Education: A lot of Nigerian women who were not priviledge enough to obtain a formal education were handed off to early marriage and thereby making them dependent on their spouse for the rest of their lives.
  • Poor State: Due to so much crisis especially in the northern part of Nigeria, which left many families displaced and poor, poverty has forced many girls into child marriage in Nigeria.


With these trend and drive, child marriage in Nigeria may never end except the government will be determined and committed to address this issue on both local and national levels respectively.

It is the duty of the Ministry for women affairs to lay down strategies on how to curb the menace of child marriage.

Sensitization and orientation programs should be organized at all levels and sectors of the society to address this challenges both in the rural and urban communities.

We encourage the international community to raise their voice and support the fight against child marriage.

Everyone should lend their voice to this evil deed and together we can fight this and restore life, health, joy and prosperity to millions of children out there.

To be continued…




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