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Communication: A Simply Guide To Verbal Communication Skills

verbal communication

In our present society today, communication have been a method and relevant way by which people interact with one another and with the help of advanced technology, communication have moved round the global network in so many forms such as media devices, social media etc

The word “communication” can still be understood in different ways which we are going to look into for today.


The word ”COMMUNICATION” is a broad field to many. That is to say, it is ambiguous. Communication can be seen as a method of sending information eg. telephone, radio and other medias.

It is also a process of expressing ideas and feelings to people, to know their response in a particular thing or information.

After various effective research and mapping out that communication is a culturally shared interaction scheme onto an actual interaction field between one person and another.

Another peculiar thing to understand is that this magic word communication means many things to different people.

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But today we shall be focusing on a particular form of communication which should be taken seriously and how to acquire the skills of performing such communication.

Verbal Communication Skills

This is a form of oral communication wherein the message is transmitted through the spoken words.

In this form of communication the sender gives words for his/her feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions and expresses them in the form of speeches, discussions, presentations, and conversations.

The quality and efficiency of this form of communication depends on the tone of the speaker, speech volume and body language of the speaker.

The sender must keep his speech tone clearly audible to all and must keeping the target audience in mind. The sender should always cross check with the receiver to ensure that the message is understood absolutely the same way he/she intended.

Such communication is more prone to errors as sometimes the words are not sufficient to express the feelings and emotions of a person.

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It is important to remember that effective verbal communication cannot be fully isolated from your body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions, for example. In many interpersonal encounters, the first few minutes are extremely important.

First impressions have a significant impact on the success of further and future communication. when you meet someone and hear them speak, you form a judgement about their background, and likely behavior level of understanding.

This might well change what you say or what you have in mind. You might also realize that you will need to listen more carefully to ensure that you understand what they are saying to you.


Verbal communication is very important in our society today, most especially in the area of business organization, health organization and so on.

Some problems facing the society now in the above mentioned is the lack of skilled verbal communicant in this areas.

In business organizations skilled verbal communicants are needed to secure clients that will invest in the business not minding their approach or attitude. For instance some investors find it difficult to invest in an organization because of the first approach which they experienced in such organizations.

Such organizations need a professional skilled verbal communicant to attend to such clients in a polite and respectable manner.

Like wisely in the area of health center, nurses, doctors and other health personnel should be trained on how to communicate to health patients and not just base on treatments.

Some patients sickness get worst when they the good communication with people when they are in need of it (HIV/AIDS) patients.

Most especially some mental patients. This patients need good skilled verbal communication to boost their recovery.

A good skilled verbal communicant should the tone,body language to use whenever he/she is starting a good communication with such patient to avoid violent.

Summarizing is one of the effective way of knowing a good communication between both parties. It review and agree that the message have been a good communication and ensure to be effective.

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