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Countries with the highest number of International Students in the United States

international students

Over 1 million international students from over 100 countries study and live in the United States every year. In view of recent events about Trump’s administration policy on online education and international students, let’s look at the countries and continents that will be the most affected.

In 2019, the highest international student populations in the US by their nation of origin were:

(1). China, with 369,548 students

(2). India, with 202,014 students

(3). South Korea, with 52,250 students

(4). Saudi Arabia, with 37,080 students

(5). Canada, with 26,122 students

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(6). Vietnam 21,403

(7). Taiwan 21,127

(8}. Brazil 19,370

(9). Japan 19,060

(10). Mexico 16,733

Foreign students who made up 12% of the total student population contributed nearly 30% of total tuition revenue at public universities in 2015
In 2018, the total contribution to the US economy by international students was estimated to be over $45 billion.

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The top US schools hosting students in 2019 were:

New York University with 19,605 students,
University of Southern California Los Angeles with 16,340 students,
Northeastern University with 16,075 students, Columbia University with 15,897
University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign with 13,497 students.

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