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Cultism Activities And How To Eradicate This Menace

cultism activities

Today we live in a country whereby practicalisation of cultism is the major aim and focus of students in both secondary and tertiary schools. Today I am going to be highlighting the various reasons why most students and individuals participate in cultism related activities.


Below are the following reasons why individuals engage in cultism and its activities.


Most youths and students in the society today join cultist groups because of the thirst for power which they have; they believe that if they engage themselves in some well known cult groups they earn and gain respect and fear from lower non-cultists.

One of the reasons why most people join cult groups is to fight and raise up oppression for those who have no fear and respect for them, or cultist who are in rivalry to their cult.


Most youth of our present day society today are categorized under this group. Cultists have the mindset that if they join one cult group or the other they will become dreaded and when they acquire wealth and money they become more known and dreaded in the society, thereby causing them to go the extra mile to acquire wealth and monetary resources, and in the process of doing so they cause civil unrest in the community and country at large.

Some major influential personnel whom we have in the country today are also major factors who contribute to the problem of civilian unrest that has developed as a result of the excessive cultist activities that has now emerged to be the major order of the day for the Nigerian Society.

These influential persons whom contribute to cultism do so as a result of their satisfaction for their urge for power, security, and fear from civilians’ e.t.c.

They feel that these cultist groups can grant the safety and satisfaction of acquiring popularity to themselves, meanwhile these persons could be the various ministers, music artistes, celebrities and politicians which we have in this country.


The menace of cultism or youth restiveness in our society is dangerously escalating while principled, moral and other mediums of curbing it are, if not stagnant, decelerating In our diverse communities cultism has become the order of the day.

Our kids and wards are members of different cult groups which unleash irreparable material loss, agony, hatred, vengeance, pain and moral dilapidation on youths, families and society at large.

Observations has proven that youth gangs, otherwise known as cults, were primarily a tertiary institution matter, but then crept into all the nooks and crannies of society, especially amongst teens in neighborhoods and in secondary schools. In the past three years, in my community alone (Nekede, in Owerri West), several buildings had been razed down (burnt) with at least ten lives lost during clashes between these gangs. Armed robbery incidents and drug abuse are on the increase every day.

I randomly sampled the opinions of many members of these gangs/ cult groups (with teenagers as the majority) on what they had gained by being members of the gangs, but they said nothing. Rather, they had incurred financial and material losses during the clashes and in the course of carrying out their nefarious activities.

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The Government and Eradication of Cultism in the Country.

The crisis can be solved by organizing an alertness programme which will target the younger members of the public like the primary and secondary school students/children.

This awareness programme will be used to tutor the children on the tribulations of cultism and the problems which could occur as an effect of cultism.

This will make certain that the tender generation does not join cults while the older cultists are faced out.

A secondary way of tackling the epidemic of cultism in the society is by creating a general awareness through the use of mass media in creating adverts to discourage cult activities and participation.

The government can also organize an orientation programme which will reach out to remote areas of the society, discouraging youths from joining cults.

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In conclusion, churches and other religious groups can crusade in opposition to cultism in the society.

All these steps by the government and public establishments will discourage already existing members and prevent new members from emerging.


Please feel free to tell us what you think or share with us your own ideas that can help improve our community.

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