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List of Top Ten (10) Countries With The Highest GDP In The World


With the increase in population rate all over the world, it seems as if the economy of the world is dwindling.
But the shocking statistics from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United Nations shows that the economy of the world is improving by the day.
This is as a result of innovations and skilled management of resources from world leaders, multinationals and entrepreneurs, which has placed some of these countries on the top chart of economic growth and development in contemporary times.

So in this article, I will expose you to the top (10) ten countries in the world with the highest GDP according to the latest IMF world population review. These are;

United States of America

With a GDP of over $21.7 trillion, the United States of America sits comfortably on this list as the countries with the highest GDP. The US has a population of over 350 million people and a GDP per capita of $68,400. Reports show that low unemployment rate, gradual population growth and entrepreneurship are some of the factors that has improved the economy of US over the years.


China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has climbed in recent times to second place with a GDP of over $15.5 trillion. The country which has the highest population in the world is blessed with abundant natural resources such as metal and coal.


Japan’s GDP of over $5.4 trillion makes it the third highest economy in the world. This can be attributed to the entrepreneurship spirit especially in the electronic industry.


Germany has a GDP worth over $4.5 trillion and is regarded as the largest national economy in Europe. The prominent factor with contributes to its economy is because of the highly developed social market economy which the government adopted.. It also has a 3% unemployment rate with huge boost on the income of wage earners.


India comes fifth with a GDP of $3.3 trillion. It has the second highest population in the world (after China) but still manages to maintain a stable economy. Its industries such as ; agro-allied, oil sector and natural resources such as iron ore, steel and aluminum.

Others include;
France with a GDP of $3.17 trillion
United Kingdom with a GDP of $3.05 trillion
Italy with a GDP of $2.4 trillion
Brazil with a GDP of $2.2 trillion
Canada with a GDP of $1.9 trillion)


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