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Nigerian Youths: Leaders or Observers

nigerian youths

The statement “The youths are the leaders of tomorrow” is one of the most popular sayings in the society. I highly doubt that there is any youth who is not well acquainted to this saying. It has been a statement that Nigerian youths of those days now aged believed in and yet it still appears like a myth; a tradition passed down from one generation to another generation.

Analytically speaking, from those centuries till now, people still believed in this and it serves as a source of encouragement to work Harder in order to enjoy the goodies and greener pastures of the land and future.

However, the statement has been used over a trillion times and has now become just a cliché and just mere words used to satisfy our complacency. It has now become less motivating and no longer used to create spirit minded youths. Also it is disheartening that the reverse is the case, the supposed youths of this county are far away from leadership in Nigeria and only those from the first class or high class families rule.

Where can we go from here when we eat our yesterday’s vomit? How Can Nigeria develop in all ramifications and sphere when the ram of yesterday still grazes the gardens of Nigeria? The leaders of yesterday are still the ones ruling us today with their archaic and old fashioned way of leadership.

Imagine! The predicament, and the youths are not even allowed to see the dining room talk more of the parlor of our dear country Nigeria. Do they have skeletons in their cupboards? A question everyone asks in this country.

It is clear to everyone, so clear that even the blind can see and the deaf can hear that Nigeria youths are endowed with talented citizens that can compete globally. Yet, these youths die in silence. The leaders that should organize and motivate them are busy training their minds on how to contest and campaign for positions that will facilitate the fattening of their pockets while talents die in youths like flames.

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It is also worth to make the blood boil for most youths have lost their voice in an attempt to strive to hold political positions since the leaders of yesterday ridicule the youths and their zeal by denying them a chance to rule their country. Nigerian youths are now like mere observer rather than leaders. hence, the presence of cyber crimes like the popularly known yahoo yahoo, stealing, hacking of other persons accounts, amongst others.

Now think about how this country would have been if these youth had channeled the same energy used to perform and perfect these crimes to develop this country; how would Nigeria be now? It is true that every one is held accountable for their actions but indeed one has to call a spade a spade. Think of the other crimes done by the youths in other to regain their lost voice. These are all products to inaccessibility to leadership positions.

Conclusively, Nigerian youths should strive to participate in the political affairs of this country rather than sit still and expect things to fall into their hands on a platter of gold and leaders of yesterday should train youths to be more spirit minded, energetic and concerned towards political positions and other leadership cadres so that Nigeria can be once again ruled by spirit minded youths like Abubakar Abdusalami and other young fellows who directed the ship of the country.

God bless Nigeria!

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