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Reasons Why Most Nigerian Graduates Are Not Employable

Nigerian graduates

The increasing number of unemployed Nigerian graduates is quite alarming. According to survey, Nigeria has 47 percent of its university graduates unemployed.

Its quite surprising that a country considered as Africa’s largest economy could have such percentage of unemployed graduates from well renowned tertiary institution.

Here, we’ll be dealing with some possible reasons why Nigerian graduates are unemployable.

  • Course of study not in line with society’s need

One of the possible reasons why Nigerian graduates are unemployed is because their course of study in the tertiary institution is not actually or not in-tune with the society’s need.

This is because the quality of education and focus of training offered by the tertiary institution are quite different from the major needs of the society.

And so the graduates are faced with the challenge of knowing how to meet the society’s need since their course of study is not in-line hence, leaving them unemployed.

  • Job experience before offered employment

Another reason is that most employers require some years of working experience as a criteria before offering a job. This leaves the graduates off-balance as they just finished schooling with little or no working experience.

The surprising thing is that some employers will require 5 years working experience from a fresh graduates. How and where do they expect them to get such working experience from?

  • Low educational quality

The educational system in Nigeria is very poor compared to other country’s. Nigerian graduates compete for employment with graduates who studied outside the country and often times they are rejected because of the standard of education they acquired is low compared with that of their competitors.

This is a call for the relevant authorities to look into the educational system of the country.

  • Lack of employable skills

The Nigerian tertiary institutions have over the years produced graduates that lack employable skills that could guarantee employment. Their mind is like a tabular-rasa when it comes to employable skills. The educational system need to be improved to produce graduates equipped with the necessary skills.

  • Emphasis are not placed on entrepreneurship

Another major reason is that the country doesn’t place emphasis on the need for entrepreneurship in the school curricula. Graduates were not exposed to entrepreneurship while still in school due to emphasis were placed on theoretical education more than entrepreneurship.

  • Outdated curricula

Also, a number of curricula in Nigerian universities used are outdated. They are no longer in tune with the present university education realities, hence graduates are not equipped with the knowledge that drive Nigeria’s labour market.

  • Graduates lack the know-how in seeking for jobs.

One of the proven reasons why most Nigerian graduates are still unemployed is that they lack the required knowledge of seeking for jobs, making them loose out in the search. They are deficient in the knowledge of know-how in seeking for job.




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