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Reasons Why People Think And Commit Suicide

reasons why people commit suicide

A lot of us have wondered at what may be the reasons why a lot of people in this generation now think and commit suicide. It may be a friend, your favorite celebrity or a family member. Often times these people kill themselves without a warning sign and leaving the people around them behind with so much questions at what may be the cause.

This negative thought most times come from a deep and threatened emotion, stress and troubles of life rather than a careful and considerable mind.

Reasons why people commit suicide

There are so much reasons to why people may choose to commit suicide but before we discuss these reasons, There are few facts i will like to share with you about this topic.

Africa as a continent is battling with a high rate of suicides yearly compared to other nations of the world. According to a mental health expert, Nigeria is ranked as 15th in the world for suicide and this statistics keeps increasing day by day.

What is the major underlying cause for suicide?


If we can be able to recognize and understand the warning signs of suicidal behaviors and depression, then we are very close to preventing this evil called suicide.

So now let’s discuss other things that lead people to think and commit suicide.

  • Great emotional Pain: A lot of people who think and commit suicide often is as a result of depression and deep emotional pain they feel inside but don’t know how to express it, come out of it or get some relieve from it. Such emotions becomes a prison that locks them out without hope of tomorrow.
  • Traumatic Experience / Stress: There are few traumatic experiences that can lead people to commit suicide, some of which include rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, war etc. These traumatic experiences do have a high suicidal rate. When one person goes through multiple trauma, it even increases the risk of suicide.
  • Drug Abuse: Drugs and substance abuse can influence anyone already nurturing the feelings of committing suicide and this act is high with those who are suffering from mental disorders and depression due to loss of job, family member or relationships.
  • Fear, Hopelessness and Loss: A lot of situations which range from fear of loosing a job,  a relationship, a business or a loved one can lead to people taking their own lives. Fear itself is a torment and can grip one into thinking negative thoughts which may eventually lead him or her into depression. Other problems may include, financial problems, failure in examination, failure in business, cyber bullying, imprisonment etc These situations can make one think otherwise.
  • No One To Help: A lot of people who attempted suicide wouldn’t have if they perceived help around them. They felt there was nobody to talk to. Every effort made to get help proved abortive. Their cry for help was misjudged and some felt deeply shamed. etc


Some of the signs of suicidal attempts can be noticed easily and these sighs should not be neglected.

  1. Unwilling to plan anymore for the future. When someone begins to give up in their plans for the future which he or she was previously proud about, then this maybe a sign to note.
  2. Speaking suicidal words or threats. Words can mean a lot at this point for anyone nurturing the feeling of suicide.
  3. Expressing his/her feeling of hopelessness.
  4. Saying a goodbye to everyone around them.
  5. Withdrawing and isolating from family and friends, and many others.

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With all these reasons given above why people commit suicide, It is also important to note that suicide can be prevented. One great preventive measure is to cure or solve the underlying causes of suicide.

If you are nurturing suicidal thoughts right now, you need to talk to someone. Don’t be isolated. Believe you can overcome whatever you may be going through now.

If you notice or recognize the signs around, DO NOT ABANDON SUCH PERSONS. Seek for help.

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