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True Christianity: How To Become A True Christian

Become a True Christian

True Christianity is not a religion and cannot be complicated as you think. You too can become a true Christian and know God the more just like other true believers in faith.

Do you know the reason why people who are facing death call upon God, instead of just giving up, is that they all know that God is real and they know that he has the power to save them. When you become a true Christian, you enjoy a lot of benefits which includes both spiritual and physical.

It doesn’t matter the type of argument you may give now, At the innermost heart level, everyone on earth acknowledges that there is God.

How Do You Become a True Christian?

God is always revealing his reality to everyone who has ever been born (Romans 1:18-20). It sometimes comes like a homing device which constantly reveals the reality of God and draws them towards a relationship with him.


Being a true Christian simply means having a true and personal relationship with God and this relationship is more than just acknowledging him mentally that he exists.

The Book of Mathew 7:21-23 narrates how Jesus rebuked those who claim to know God, but never had a true relation with Him. He Said, “I never knew you”.

Some so called Christians today are only religious, but don’t have a relationship with Him.

It is very obvious that not every person who acknowledges that God is real has a personal relationship with Him and this is made clear in the book of James 2:19.

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To be in a right relationship with God, you have to totally yield and submit yourself to Him in order to receive relationship.


You need to reflect on your life and come back to your original self. Luke 15:17-18 “But when he came to himself, he said…’I will arise and go to my father.”

Pretending to be a Christian outwardly, but on the inside you know that sin is dominating you is self deceit. Just like the prodigal son did, you need to be unhappy with your sinful state and live a honest life before God and this can only happen when you allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide.


It’s time to be unsatisfied with that sin. Self acknowledgement is another powerful tool to become a true Christian. Jesus and his disciples tells us to stop committing sin in 1 John 1:9, John 8:11, 1 Cor. 15:34


Jesus has already payed for your sins but there is only one sin that separates you from God,and that’s failing to believe in Jesus (John 16:9). The only way to be in a relationship with God is through faith in Jesus. Relationship is something you receive, it’s not something you earn.

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