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Why Do We Pray, Since God Already Knows Everything

why do we pray

So Why Do We Pray? One of the greatest Christian Privilege is Prayer and according to the Bible, we are admonished to never allow anxiety to rule our lives but by prayer and supplication, our request should be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

It is necessary that all of us learn how to pray more and better everyday, but a major reason why we have not been praying more is that there are questions about prayer we need answers to.

These unanswered questions creates an uncertainty and this may make us become neutral and hesitant about this spiritual activity.

For us to answer the question, “why do we pray”? We should go to the Holy Bible. The Book of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray continuously with faith.

So Why do we Pray?

 1.The Antidote to Anxiety is Prayer.

Looking at this world filled with so much trouble and chaos, God’s word encourages us to pray at all times about anything and everything. Prayer eliminates our weariness and anxiousness. The book of Mathew 11:28 urges us to cast all our burdens on Jesus and he will give us rest”

2. Our Relationship With God becomes more deeper through Prayer.

God created humans to connect and communicate with his creation and when we pray we connect with him. Prayer simply means talking to God, just like we talk to our family members and friends. Prayer is a powerful medium that brings us closer to God. Prayer renews and transforms us and it builds our spiritual life

3. Jesus Laid The Example of Prayer.

Jesus life and ministry on earth teaches us how he was in constant communication and fellowship with his father. There was no way he could know the mind of his father is he was not communicating with him. If Jesus who was sinless could seek after the father and pray always, how much more we, humans, need to do his will and pray always.

In Conclusion

God cares for us and that is why we should pray (1 Peter 5:7). God has placed so much interest in us that he wants us to get him involved in our daily activities. Our father is a great listener and he promises to help, protect, preserve and fulfill all his promises over our lives.

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